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Lifestyle section and My races

Hi! One must also relax, so I decided to create the category of lifestyle. Here I will write about my sport activities, excursions and experiences.

The last time I began to devote more actively to running. The Opening of Running Season 2016 was my first event, where I was running. My category was 5 km. When I finished my first race, it was a great feeling and I decided to continue to do so.

Me (127) and my friend Branislav (126)
Me (127) and my friend Branislav (126)

This weekend I am going to two races. The first one is Race in Galanta, where I will in run 2172m. Next day I will attend a National Race Devín in Bratislava with a lenght of 11 625m. My race number is 5657 and I will be in 4th sector.

My start number
My start number

Weather report is bad, but I am look forward to these runs. Anyway I will inform you about outcome and wish me a good luck! 🙂

Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games and SEKAM.

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