Hello, I am Peter!

You are here, because you want to know more about me. So, sit comfortably and I will introduce myself to you. This blog is about my passions, especially games and graphics design. Being a game designer is my dream job. In addition, I share here my experiences, tips and tricks.

My game experiences:

I created my first game in Game Maker when I was 15 years old. In Game Maker, I created another 4 games and “x” failed attempts. Then I started playing the games as an e-sport player. My nickname was smajlo and I played Counter Strike Source (video1 video2). When the Counter Strike Global Offensive arrived, I ended up with e-sport. I focused on the school. On the topic of my Bachelor thesis, I created four games in programming language Java. I got A with red diploma! My Master Thesis was about Mobile Game Creation for Android Platform. Also, I got A with red diploma! 🙂 Now, I am developing games for Android, that you can find here. I love making games, because I can revive my dreams, characters, stories and the most importantly, bring fun for people. I am working alone and I go by the nickname Sekip in the game developer community. That is the reason why I named my studio as Sekip Games. I made everything that you can find at Sekip Games, from art and codes, to a few sounds.

Software experiences:

I am self-learning game developer, graphic artist, marketer, video director etc.
I usually use a lot of software
. When I am creating a game, I work with: Java, libGDX, Spriter, Overlap2D and more. Nowadays, I am using Unity3D with programing language C#, because development with it is much easier. I always want to make my new game better like previous and with this attitude, I am learning a lot of new things.


Creating games is not my only hobby. I like to going after various creative meetings and lectures like Game Dev Hub Bratislava / WordPress meetings in Nitra and I love to read motivational books. Also, I am in good shape, because I exercise a lot, especially street workout, kickbox and running 🙂

Work experiences:

After Bratislava Game Jam 2016, I started work in startup company with name VECTARY, that is focused on 3D modeling software in cloud. In VECTARY I met very talented and creative people. It was fun colaborate with them. My position was software developer on web platform. I worked with: JavaScript, TypeScript, PostgresSql, Node.js, Expess.js, Sequelize and more.


And it is all. If you have questions, feel free ask me anything and contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Email: sekip.games@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SekipGames
Twitter personal: https://twitter.com/PeterSekera
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SekipGames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sekip.games/
Instagram personal: https://www.instagram.com/peter.sekera/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com

P.S: If my English is not good, I blame the keyboard 🙂