Apps RULEZZ 2016 with Hangman Snake

Hi friends!

I signed up with my game Hangman Snake to competition with name Apps RULEZZ 2016.  It will be 6th annual of this competition and it is about the bests apps made in Slovakia.

Apps RULEZZ 2016 with Hangman Snake

At first I hesitated, whether I participate, because in this competition are involved a big Slovak companies and organizations. But I found, that Hangman Snake meets all the criteria, so I signed up. Now just keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

The results will be published at night party 15.6.2016, a day before my graduation. If you would like to know more about this contest, click here and do not miss a Hangman Snake!

I hope, that jury will like Hangman Snake.  So, remember to keep our fingers crossed! I will let inform you!

See you 🙂

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Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games.

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