Hangman Snake

Hangman Snake

Play snake and hangman in one game!

Play legendary snake and hangman together in one game! Collect with snake scattered letters and piece them together for correct answer. If you catch the incorrect letter, you will be hanged!


Download: Google Play / Opera Mobile Store

How to play:

Hangman Snake has 4 levels with different questions. Be careful, because with each level is snake faster. When you collect the letters in the correct order, you will get the bonus points. Do not forget to collect coins for which you can unlock new animals! The game ends if you pass all the levels or the entire hangman is drawn.

The game is designed for all lovers and fans of games hangman and snake. Enjoy this fun and addictive combination of snake and hangman with fun music and cute graphics.

How many questions you can solve?


I always wanted to do a remake of the famous game, but with original idea. When my aunt told me that, she wants to play the old snake game in mobile and my grandma was solving puzzles, I finally got an idea. Snake and hangman in one game!
I was amazed and I immediately started creating. Firstly I was created this game in libGDX. When Unity Team announced Unity 5 for free, I was started developing Hangman Snake in it. So, Hangman Snake is my first 2D game in Unity. This game is also part of my Diploma work. Hope you like it 🙂







Michal Bubík – Great game with an amazing idea. I commend the developer 🙂 unitycesky.cz” 


Mário Halás – Great game, I always liked a snake and this is a good combination with a hangman :)” 


Simonka Šurinová – Perfect game!” 


Mirianna Fraňová – Super!” 



Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games.