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How configure the Keystore and generate SHA1 fingerprint for Unity Android Project

How configure the Keystore for Unity Android Project.
How to generate SHA1 fingerprint of your signed APK.

In this article I will show you, how you will create your keystore for Unity Android Project and get your SHA1 fingerprint. If you are using for example Google Play Services in your game, authorization on Android uses a SHA1 fingerprint and package name to identify your app.



Configure the Keystore for Unity Android Project.

1.   Create a new keystore

File – Player Settings – Publishing Settings – Create a new keystore

With button ‘Browse Keystore’ select destination folder where will be your keystore saved.

Fill the fields ‘Keyword password’ and ‘Confirm keystore password’.

2.   Create a new key

Key – Alias – (Dropdown menu) – Create a new key

Into these fields write down your alias and password. For security reasons, your key password should be different as your keystore password.

From the part ‘First and Last Name’, must be one of these fields filled. Its up to you which one you will choose. When you are done, select ‘Create key’.

In dropdown menu, you can now choose your alias. Write your password and you can build your signed APK. But do not forget choose package name for your app.

Well done!


Generate SHA1 fingerprint of your signed APK.

1.   Run Command Prompt

2.   Go to your Java/JDK/bin location

Change directory in Command Prompt with this line:

cd yourJava/JDK/bin

3.   Generate SHA1 fingerprint

Copy location of your keystore and write this command:

-keytool -list -v -keystore yourkeystoredestination\yourkeystorename.keystore

Enter your keystore password and now you get all your certificate fingerprints.

And it is all, nicely done!


Last lines in your console maybe show you a warning. In next article I will show you, how get rid of it, but do not worry use your certificate fingerprints, because results will be the same.


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