Run, Cube Animals

Run, Cube Animals

Cube animals run towards you from wolves! Help them!

Cube animals run towards you from wolves , because they are angry on them. Running through the forest is very dangerous and you will have to use your reflexes! Obstacles are everywhere! Help the cube animals to run from wolves in the forest full of obstacles. How long would you survive on the run with animals?


Download: Google Play / Opera Mobile Store

How to play:

Cube animals are quick, but wolves are faster! You must avoid obstacles and wolves as long as possible. Be constantly ready, because obstacles and wolves may occur at any time. On the run do not forget to collect coins, which you can use to obtain additional cube animals!

Run Cube Animal is a game designed for everyone who want to have fun and develop attention and reflexes.

Take advantage of them and help cube animals to run away!


Run, Cube Animals is my first 3D game which I created with my friend Martin. We developed it for a school project. We used Unity and basic 3D shapes to present, that basic shapes can be used to develop funny 3d game too. In contrast to other games, we wanted characters run towards to you, which requires more attention and reflexes of the player.



Silvia Paulďurová – Perfect!” 


František Marek – Good game. Can only suggest 🙂 + very funny” 


Soňa Šurinová – Great game with nice cute graphics” 


Алина Волк – Game is funny”


Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games.