Showcase diary 2

Showcase Diary #2: The Fight Two & Three

Hi guys, new video from Showcase diary is out!

But let me write more about progress or what is done.


These are my first animations, so I have a lot to learn. ItΒ΄s big fun for me. Because I am Indie Developer, I do not have time 8 hours for one animation. I must do my animations fast as possible. I am trying to create quality animation based on my free time. I hope, that final result will be great with all things together.


The fog is a hard part. I still did not get result for the game feel, what I would like to. Now, I want to focus on creating environments like flags, trees and maybe then, I will set fog to better.

Think and Try:

Everything is a prototype and I am thinking about this game a lot. I am trying different combinations for a best result. It is a reason, why I want show you my progress and figure out, what is good or bad, based on your feedback πŸ™‚ . Of course, I am starting to think about a way, how to make actions for fights. If you have some idea, write me. I like to read it.

Hope you like a video and this article. Do not forget subscribe my YouTube channel for more videos and write me a comment, what do you think about game!

Thank you and see you in next post! πŸ™‚

Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games.

2 thoughts to “Showcase Diary #2: The Fight Two & Three”

  1. Hey dude, interesting project u got there. Are looking for some collab work ? I got spare time to spent because its holidays and I may can help you out with somd assets


    1. Hi STUHL and thank you very much! πŸ™‚ I am glad for your offer, but sorry, I am not looking πŸ™

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