Vegetables Sharks

Vegetables Sharks

Help sharks eat all the vegetables!

Sharks are hungry and want to eat! Only vegetables can give them the necessary strength and vitamins. Therefore, you must help them eat all the vegetables, which requires your memory and perception skills! How many rounds of feeding can you withstand?


Download: Google Play / Opera Mobile Store

How to play:

Sharks have no idea what is hidden in barrels, only you know it! Sometimes they are hesitant, whether to eat the barrel.  Touch shark and prepare it for eating or do not let it eat. If barrel is full of vegetables, shark must eat. In case it wants to eat something other than vegetables, forbid it from doing so! You must remember what is hidden in barrels, if you want sharks to be prepared. Be constantly on the alert and help sharks eat all the vegetables!

Vegetables Sharks is a memory game designed for children and adults. The game develops your attention, perception and memory. Take advantage of your memory and perception skills for feeding as many sharks as possible and enjoy this fun game! It’s free and without ads!

So let´s eat!


Vegetables Sharks is my third game for Android devices. For development of game I used constantly developing tool Overlap2D which runs on framework libgdx. Although with fewer problems, length of development took me 70 hours. But I do not count preparation of promotional materials. Work on the game, but do not stop. I am preparing for you new content as well as new projects 🙂



Dominik Halvoník – “Great game Easy to understand and very catchy. Totaly recomending this game.” 


DaveSheep – “Totally gonna recommend this game to a friend of mine. She loves sharks and is a vegeterian aswell. Graphics look very polished and you can tell that alot of heart went into this game. Good job.” 


Apprentice Soft – “Very funny game ! And the design is very good.” 


Agnes Clarke – “Vegetables are good! Nice graphics, good message!”


Drazz Look – “Amazing game. This looks quite addicting! Good for you and congrats for your new game! Downloading this for myself now!”


Ajgftw – “Really cool game, My girlfriend enjoys it, she’s vegan and so is the shark, perfect match.”


Peter Sekera

Indie game hobbyist, software developer and graphic designer. Founder of Sekip Games.